How to avoid vaginal dryness problems?

If you find that you are so young but always feel your vagina dry? If you find that it had caused big troubles to your sex life? If you find that your husband start to get away from you and lost interest in you? Most women will say “yes”, they suffer from vaginal dryness, and it significantly affects their sex life negatively! They immediately to get methods to solve it and enjoy healthy sexual life. So before it, let us explore to what could cause dryness of vagina and what bad affects it will bring, how to solve these problems?

The vaginal dryness factors:
1. Menopause- most women arrive at 40%-60% will face the problem at her age of 40-50. During this period, the ovaries will begin to reduce the production of estrogen, and the vaginal secretions will decrease, resulting in thinning of the vaginal wall and lack of elasticity.
2. Psychological and emotional factors, such as depression, anxiety, stress, will prevent sexual arousal and increase the possibility of vaginal dryness.
3. Taking some medicine, drugs, anti-depressants and so on, which will reduce the moisture content of the vagina.
4. Bad life habits, smoking and drinking, abusing sex, etc.

Bad affects:
Vaginal dryness usually shows itching, mild bleeding when making love and accompanying pain, general malaise, stinging of the vulva, frequent urination, etc.

How to solve?
1. Check the products you usually use in daily life. Such sex toys, condoms, the lingerie, and even underpants, make sure that they are safe to your body, never cause an allergic reaction on your vagina skin. Remember to always get information from professional website or people.
2. Eat estrogen food. Sardines, salmon, shrimp, tuna, nuts, green leafy vegetables, soy, flaxseed, tofu, milk, and butter will be the best choices. As you know, estrogen hormone is essential for the body because it is responsible for helping keep the vaginal tissues healthy and lubricated.
3. Drink plenty of water, and doing care for the vagina. You should supply your body with sufficient water, give enough nutritionists to your vagina. Sometimes, you could also use lube.
4. Get foreplay. Foreplay is important for women because it plays a crucial role in preparing the vagina and making it excited before penetration. Foreplay make penetration smooth and make sex more enjoyable.

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