How Morning Kiss Influence You?

Morning sex is one important tip of happy sex in partners. Kissing in the morning, has loads of mental and physical benefits for you, family and friends.

Let’s find benefits of kissing
1. Help to bond you with others
Kissing your partner, especially in the morning, will improve relationship satisfaction, play an important role in your long-term relationships.
2. Relieve stress
Kissing is the best way to relax yourself, relieve the stress, add loving words like:”I love you”will help to lowers cortisol levels and stress.
3. Reduce anxiety
Sometimes we will feel so anxious under the busy work, complex relationship, however, kissing will decreases anxiety and increases relaxation and wellness.
4. Soothe headaches
Kissing may also help you prevent headaches by lowering stress, which is a known headache trigger. I always feels so exciting and clear after my husband give me a kiss before getting up.
5. Prevent cavities
In the process of kissing, it will help to increase saliva production. Saliva will lubricates your mouth, aids in swallowing, and helps keep food debris from sticking to your teeth, which can help prevent tooth decay and cavities.
6. Boost sex drive
Kissing will leads to sexual arousal, saliva also contains testosterone — a sex hormone that plays a role in sexual arousal. Morning is a good opportunity for arousing your sex drive and having sexual behaviour.
7. Tighten your facial muscles
Kissing not only burn calories, but help you to firm up facial muscles. Working out your facial muscles can also increase collagen production, which contributes to firmer, younger-looking skin.

But remember that if you wanna have morning kiss, remember to brush your teeth, or drink a glass of water, or gum, then morning breath will fades. In this way, you will make your partner feel

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