How menopause influence your body?

Menopause has seen as the most important thing in our life, at special age. Menopause isn’t one sudden event, good or bad for your body, there is no answer. So what is menopause, it usually describe as the end of your reproductive cycle — so no more periods and no more pregnancies, sometimes even no sex.

Changes on body:
1. Brain
Menopause will relief some estrogen, which will not only support the brain with nutrients, maintain immune system, but also help to maintain your brain health. It will improve your ability to learn new things. However, in a long term, your brain maybe have a negative effect.

2. Heart
Estrogen will keeps the heart’s artery linings clear and dilated, and maintains the heart’s energy and its internal electrical system. It help the heart relax.

3. Suffer from a range of symptoms
In the menopause time, you will suffer some symptoms. Especially those live in depression or anxiety in their lives, are more likely to getting depression. Also, you will experience vaginal dryness, night sweats, insomnia, and other symptoms.

4. Changes of your Reproductive Cycle
As you know, when you are in menopause, your ovaries begin gradually to slow down. The ovaries stop releasing eggs, produce far lower levels of estrogen, and become less capable of maintaining a balance of hormones in your body. The earlier you occur it, the more harmful you will suffered!

5. Change your bones
Menopause will lowers bone’s ability to function as an endocrine organ. It heightens the risk of osteoporosis, bones become more brittle.

If you are experiencing menopause, don’t be worried, it although couldn’t be discard, but could be cured. You could accept thehormonal replacement therapy, in which they’re given estrogen through patches or other methods to help replenish estrogen levels and manage the effects of menopause. And most importantly, keep yourself happy and positive towards the end of fertility. Besides, keep yourself happy at anytime! If possible, keep on exercising, eating healthy food, get out of big pressure.

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