How do make morning sex hotter?

Morning sex seems to have best benefits for us, There is a study of British health retailer had shown that the best time of having sex in a week is 9:00am. Morning sex is a great way to begin with the lady. You will experience more orgasms. Help you to relieve stress, keep an intimate relationship, have a good mood, get stronger immune system, and even will make you work efficently. Besides these benefits we had known, so do you know how to make morning sex hotter?

1. Try a toy
You could try a bullet or lipstick clit vibrator, before you wake up, leave it out on your nightstand or under your pillow. Especially when you wake up, you will notice you will feel so exciting, especially when you use it with your sex life in the morning. Morning sex will get easier, and you will get easy to orgasms.

2. Try different sex positions
There are face-to-face position, doggle-style, spooning, and other positions. In this case, the person doing the penetrating gets on top for some shallow thrusting. (Or another simple fix: Stash a thing of breath-freshening strips next to the bed.) Try different position, find one you like best. Then practice day after day, you will know which one is the best for you.

3. Move your place
You could move your sex from bed, to kitchen, bathroom, terrace, and even the book room. Dress your room in a romantic color, in a fashion design. Before the space is taken over by plates and breakfast bowls, use the space for the Table Top position, which gives you face-to-face action while you play with levels. To do it, have your partner enter you while you lie your back on the table or counter. You will get more proficient in different place, move place will encourage you to enjoy your sexual life.

4. Masturbation and foreplay
Mutual masturbation and foreplay will give you and your partner exciting sex feeling. Touch your fingers or tongues, you can give a little extra attention to any erogenous zones your partner might be favoring that day, and you’ll have a chance to get more excited (since women take a bit longer to get there). Use lube before sex, try masturbation and foreplay, you will touch more area of your partner’s body.
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