How does breastfeeding change new mother’s life?

Breastfeeding also could be called nursing, is the feeding of babies and young children with milk from a woman’s breast. It is evident that breastfeeding is one of the best investments in saving lives and improving the health, social and economic development of individuals and nations. However, breasting also have big changes on women’s life.

As you know, in the U.S., women also struggle as they can only receive 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. Other nations usually offer about a year of paid maternity leave, allowing women to be at home and bond with their newborns. However, it could also cause a lot of anxiety as there are more than 830 million women workers not having adequate maternity protection.

What aspects breastfeeding could cause?

Vaginal dryness
The most important I need to say vaginal dryness could easy to happen in your sex life, especially during breastfeeding process. Suggestion that if you have any kind of penetrative sex while breastfeeding, it’s extra important to use lube.

Leaking milk
Your breasts will also could leak milk when breastmilking, while you are soaping up in the shower, or even randomly. If you hate that, maybe wear a bra could help you solve many embrassed problems during sex.

Low libido
Breastfeeding also can cause a lower libido. Don’t be afraid, it is very normal that you don’t like sex with your husband during this special time. Your libido might get higher as time passes, you get used to breastfeeding, as your baby begins feeding less frequently, or when you stop breastfeeding.

1. If I can drink coffee, wine or smoke while breastfeeding?
Suggest that you would better to avoid those behaviour for your baby’s health, if does, drink or smoke -wait two hours or more before nursing.
2. Could I use cannabis while breastfeeding?
No, cannabis use should be avoided.
3. Could I take some medicines (prescription and over-the-counter drugs, vitamins) while breastfeeding?
Yes, but you need ask your doctor before taking them.
4. Do I could burn calories while breastfeeding?
Yes. Breastfeeding can help with weight loss.

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