From Tiltok Popular Video: Does Balls Could Taste?

As you know, Tiltok has so many audiences all over the world, this video had been duplicated by many young men, maybe just only for fun or for increasing follwers, actually I just wanna know if balls really could taste?

As you could see, the boy let his balls taste soy sauce and orange juice, he said he felt cold, hot. Another video James is holding a small cup of soy sauce in the comfort of his car in a v public spot. “I’m going to let my little boys just try it out. I’m feeding my twins. Here you go, boys!”
“Oh my god, I can taste the salt. That’s ridiculous,” James says as he smacks his lips together. Also, this video had been a trend, but just ask yourself, do testicles really have tastebuds?

In 2013, there had a survey shows that taste receptors have been found in tissues other than the tongue, such as the digestive system, respiratory system, brain, testis and spermatozoa. The taste receptors found in the testicles – T1R and T2R – transmitted bitter and savoury tastes, and although the reason for them being there isn’t clear it’s thought to be something to do with fertility.

All in all, in some scientific degrees, testicles do have taste receptors, but these are not limited to the genitals. However, unlike the tongue, really taste buds. Let your balls taste means useless, as it will not bring any new survey, which means waste your time.

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