First-Time Sex Tips:Be Safe and Healthy

When talking about first time,maybe you’re feeling a bit nervous.You might have a lot of questions:

What should I expect?

What will it feel like?

Will it be awkward?

Will it be painful?

About first time,everyone’s experience will be different.Now,we have some safety tips that will help make your first time as safe as possible.

Get familiar with your own pleasure first

Take time to explore your own body and find out what you really like when it comes to how you like being touched, what areas feel pleasurable to you, and what areas don’t,” Then you would not feel nervous before first time.

Don’t worry about what you look like.

Whatever face you’re making or how your stomach looks in any particular position literally.It doesn’t matter at all.Just focus on what you’re experiencing, what feels good, and the sensations of how exactly your partner is touching you.

Communicate what you want

Talking about sex with a new partner is a must. “In order to have good sex first time, you need to communicate your wants, needs, and desires to your partner,”

Be relax and go slow

For first time,please use slow and gentle motions at first, and change it up if you both like.Slowing down also gives you a chance to savor and enjoy the experience.Meanwhile,don’t be so nervous.

Lube is your friend

For first time,using lube sometimes gets helpful. A little lube can make sex so much more pleasurable.

Don’t expect fireworks the first time you have sex—sex is messy and human and flawed and often awkward, no matter how many times you’ve done it. It’s the practice and the exploration that make sex fun.

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