Do you like “say ‘I love you’ during sex”?

Is that saying “I love you” a good sentimental way during sex? Do you prefer hearing it during sex? Is everywomen like that sweet words when they are fucked? There are our interviews from most women groups, please listening what they say.

A: I am in love with my boyfriend, I love him immensely and never mind hearing it, I enjoy it.
B: It honestly adds so much fun to the experience and keep you more intimate, those words make ecerything better.
C. It fills me up with love while he is loving me in a physical matter.
D. It never gets tiring to hear love, and always make me feel good. I love he say love me before, during and after sex.
E. I love those words during sex, it is pretty awesome. Although it has been so far years we had sex together he said it to me but I still feel melted and get butterflies thinking about it now.
F. Absolutely I really love it. It makes me surrender completely body and soul.
G. I love hearing it even if we ar having rough sex, once hearing those gentle and sweet words, it will makes me feel more intimate and cuddly. At least, I know he still loves me.
H. I enjoy he fucking me and saying that he want to fuck me forever, he love my pussy, and love my nipples, and love me forever. We kiss before sex, and he say love me, then we usually had sex for a long time.
I. It depends on. Sweet words must be speak honestly, not fakely. I love when my partner takes my head in his hands and kissed my neck, lips, nipples…and stare at my eyes to say”I love you so much!” It is very genuine, and touch me emotionally!
J. I have been married for 30 years. I don’t like those words but directly fucking, maybe I am to older to keep on real things. I curb my husband to do that.

We just interview these women, there are other different opinions to explore. So if you have different views, if you could leave comments?

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