Do you like dildos? What is your opinion about dildos?

Most girls enjoying the realistic dildos, as they love their husband penis, dildo could play the same role of vibrating, easily change the size and shape like real human penis.

I don’t know if you like hold or massage your partner’s penis before sex or sleep like your husband enjoying kissing and touching your nipples? Let’s see what people say about dildos.

Sex educator and writer Jennifer Rahner said: “For me, I don’t really use dildo’s that are lifelike, I like a glass or stainless steel one with a large ball on one end for g-spot stimulation, but I do also sometimes like a fairly girthy one to feel stretched. Of course, it doesn’t mean I don’t like my husband penis, we usually use it in our sex play.”
Anna said that: “I prefer dildos could fit nicely inside of my vagina, full but not painful. I don’t mind its length and size, but
just could help me to get my orgams. ”
David said that: “Not all girls like big penises, mine is considered so small. However, my ex-girlfriend told me she likes small as it will not hurt her vagina. My present wife is the opposite, she likes the bigger one, so she is crazy about dildos than me.” Jess is a girl who had worked in the sex industry for over 9 years said: “I like bigger dildo, I enjoy be fucked by big dildo, it bring me quick orgasm. All women are different, I love dildo but also penis.”

These are some of their voice, honestly, women both like dildos, if you are one of them, maybe you could try the following dildo:
Realistic Dildo With Lifelike Veins For G-Spot Stimulation Female Sex Toys
The large dildo(6.7″ insertable length) with realistic veins and blood vessels that protrude from the penis show you the power and charm of a powerful male. You know that he will insert you with his strong penis. Let the thick glans continually collide with your G-spot, the turtle crown rubs against your vagina.

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