Do you know OCD?

Actually, most people had OCD before, it is one of the more prevalent disorders, it generally make life hard to manage. It will have different bad effects on you and your partner if you have this disease.

When you are having sex with OCD
People who have OCD always find its difficulties on having sex with others. They usually will be so particular about anything, it is difficult to solve problems in sex. They pursue perfect, suffer misery, they have complex minds.

Fears sex
In any cases, OCD will influence your sexual life. They usually have their own religion, when they are ready to having sex, they fear it. Fear to try sex with strange woman, fear to step into it if they have no fully thoughts.

Fears germs
The common performance of OCD people will fear germs so much! They usually feels so anxious, they couldn’t escape thoughts about their partner’s cleanliness will unquestionably end up with partners who are not enjoying the interaction. They must confirm every people they had contacted must have no any germs.

Most of them have depression
The scienfitic data had shown that most people have depression, they’re extremely unsatisfied with their orgasms, feel unsatisfied with orgasms. In other words, they’re nearly have no orgasms at all. For them, maybe trying to aviod those terrible thoughts will help to arouse their interests.

OCD could be cured
There are 2 ways of curing OCD disease, the usual treatment is exposure therapy. Another is mindfulness. Exposure therapy means clocking in some serious one-on-one time with whatever scares you the most. Mindfulness means get out of your own thoughts, train your brain to be less reactionary and more intentional. In these ways, you will find your sex life will be improved in the future by keep on doing them everyday.

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