Different sex toy materials, safe to try

Until now, sex toys using rate had got a progressing growth, but as for their materials, how many knowledge about them do you know? Is it all safe to human body?Are all sex toys can be trust to use? Unswers are worth to consider.

Firstly, we could often find that silicone material are used in sex toys in general, like male masturbator, sex dolls, pocket pussy, and especially dildos. Most of instructions mark silicone as vital material. Silicone has no smell, no taste, not including harbor bacteria, easy to clean. Boiled in high temperature will be not out of shape, which make it fit for pleasure in high temperature. It is also smooth, silky but more expensive in spite of its high quality, safety and durability.

TPE material-this material is the number two of sex toys materials, often used in nipple suckers, rabbit vibrators, cock rings, penis sleeves and so on. It has the baseline ingredients, can be hard to spot because it can appear in a couple of forms. It can be clear, sort of shiny, and feel very solid or dense in your hands.
TPE can also be opaque (not translucent) and it can come in flesh shades and be super soft and squishy.

However it is all known that TPE is a porous product. Unlike silicone, it has little pores, so it can harbor bacteria. If you use sex toy has this material, you are suggested to wear condoms and keep yourself safe.

PVC material-Unlike TPE, PVC is non-porous, body safe, compound, contain phthalates. But it is cheaper than silicone and TPE.

TPR material(rubber)-It is semi-porous, so it still poses a risk for infections but is safer for you than jelly toys. TPR is a stronger material than jelly and doesn’t have the same melting properties that jelly does. Like TPE material, you are also recommend to use condoms.

Plastic material-this material is inexpensive, and much safer than jelly options. It is also non-porous and more durable than jelly or rubber. Hard plastic toys can be carefully washed with soap and water so long as you make sure the electronic parts stay dry.

The last one I need to say, glass materials-Glass is completely non-porous so it’s really safe for internal use! It’s isn’t too expensive, super safe, and one of the most gorgeous materials to make toys from! You even could boiled them like silicone before using them, definitely interesting one to try!

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