Could she have sex during her period time?

Many girls and women will have “her one week” once a month, and if there any problems making sex during period time? Yes or not?

Sciences shows that having sex during period time may relieve your headache. If you were always misery, felt uncomfortable, had no appetie to eating, sepecially headache, maybe you could try sex, having sex with your partner or sex toy.

Another advantage is that it could help you to shorter your periods. As muscle contractions during an orgasm push out the uterine contents faster, so it could result in shorter periods. Relief from cramps also can be seen as one of benefits,
when you get orgasms, it may relieve menstrual cramps, the muscles of your uterus also contract. Personally speaking, I think it also increase sex drive.

However, its bad sides always exist, we couldn’t ignore them. You’re most likely to get pregnant during ovulation without any protection measures. Sexually transmitted infection like HIV, hepatitis are also the risks. The period mess also happens, it may delay your period time.

Thus, we could make love in period time, but need to take protect actions.
· Remove your tampon before sex.
· Wear a latex condom to protect against pregnancy and STIs.
· Try proper and comfortable positions.
· Forbid to having sex if you feel uncomfortable.
· Don’t use inferior sex toys.

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