Breastfeeding benefits and problems

Yesterday, we had talked about How does breastfeeding change new mother’s life? In this passage, we know that breastfeeding is so vital in new mother’s life. We also all know that breastfeeding is the most natural and safe way to feed your baby. Breast milk is the best food for babies. Nearly all new mothers both do that, it provides all the nutrition to your baby, protect them from infections and illness, satisfies their hunger and thirst, let them grow healthy. Besides, it also helps to create a loving relationship between you and your baby.

The benefits of breastfeeding for baby:
1. Breast milk has fatty acids, that may help your baby’s brain and eyes develop.
2. Breast milk has antibodies that help your baby resist viruses and bacteria.
3. Provide nutrients (vitamins, protein, and fat ) your baby needs for the first year.
4. Breastfeeding has been linked to higher IQ scores in later childhood in some studies.
5.Lower the risk of diabetes, obesity, and certain cancers.

The benefits of breastfeeding for mother:
1. Breastfeeding help mothers to burning extra calories, help you lose weight faster.
2. Lower the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, diabetes.
3. Delays the return of your period.
4. Help you bond with your baby.
5. Establish a good eating habit and life habit.

However, you must be very clear that not breastfeeding safe for all moms and babies. If you have certain medical conditions, taking medicines and drinking and abusing drugs or smoking, you should get proper suggestions from your doctor immediately.

The biggest problems about breastfeeding is that they usually don’t have enough breast milk to feed babies. Don’t be worry, there are some methods to help you. Before that, please refer to Why women need massage her breast everyday? Yes, massage your nipples with certain tools like nipple vibrators or breast massagers could provide you a great help. During this special process, for mothers, you should drink plenty water everyday, eat enough vegetables, fruits, grains, protein. Get away from alcohol, have a good rest, not stay up late.

More information about increase milk supply, refer to Breastfeeding: How to Increase Your Milk Supply.

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