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Today, I receive the review of Automatic Male Masturbation 9 Vibration Modes With Sucking USB Charging from married toys. Actually I am so delighted that she likes the masturbator very much and enjoy it with her husband. Let me take a look that what she said about this toy?

The Automatic Male Masturbation toy from BestVibe doesn’t claim to be a blowjob simulator in its description but a simple glance at its product page shows otherwise. While this toy doesn’t match the sensations of a blowjob, the pleasure it offers is wildly fun!

This masturbator has unique three suction modes and a heating function. The inner sleeve has two “inhalation” holes that take air in to mimic the sucking of a blowjob. There are also 26 particles in the sleeve that are supposed to feel like the oral cavity. The sleeve is made from a body safe silicone which makes cleanup very easy. You could use it in the shower, with a little body soap and some scrubbing. Included with the toy is a USB charging cable. Make sure you have the lube of your choice ready before you use.

This toy succeeded in trying to mimic the sensations of a blowjob, the post orgasm sensation. It certainly provided a wonderful orgasm and is a unique experience from all other male toys. Its cavity is easy to clean, it charges fairly quickly and the suction modes provided me with a completely unique experience. Married toys said that this worth the price and comes highly recommended. This fun toy fit for vibrations and suctions, also worth to add your collection for couples play.

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