Are You in an Unhealthy Relationship?

There have some unhealthy problems in a relationship for those who couldn’t handle it well. However, not all bad means the relationship is in trouble, but just unhealthy. There are some factors such as jealousy, low self-esteem, no orgasms, unequal sex, no trust. So how to find you are in a unhealthy relationship?

1. Feel unsafe
People always feel unsafe when they are in a long-distance relationship or have no trust. If you feel unsafe, maybe you are forced to have a pregnancy, you couldn’t control it well.
2. Like a stranger
This means you looks not intimate with your partner, hold love, intimacy, affection is the best way of controling and manipulate their partners. If your partner never wants to make love with her, or just wanna be gentle but never keep intimate relationship, maybe you should consider that you are in an unhealthy relationship.
3. Get away from your friends
If your lover always let you get away from your family, friends, and get intimate only with you. This is not a good behaviour for you. In the future, in this way, you will get isolate with people who surrounded you, you will lose money, love, and finally get lonely.
4. Be frightened
When people lose temper easily, his partner always feel frightened, you will get confused, intimidated, scared. If you are in a realtionship which has unpredictable reactions, violence, major mood swings or loose control. Then, unfortunately, you should learn to introspect yourself.
5. Force you to do some things
People who live in a free relationship will be more happy and open to life. Don’t get forced to do things, you should learn to comfort yourself. Some people enjoy threatening to hurt themselves, force you to do things you don’t like. Give your little freedom, get you in a trap.
6. Ruin your reputation
If you are sucessful in some things, work, life. Someone easily to ruin you, starting rumors, share your private information, and ruin your reputation. You should be careful and get away from them.

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