About rape, you should know…

Jason Lawrance is appealing against his convictions for raping Sally, this is a rape new again. Sally-42 and already a mother, met Lawrance through a dating website, she cheat him that she had gotten sterilization. However after having sex with Lawrance, she is pregnant again. So Lawrance went to be convicted of raping Sally.

Rape definition
Rape is unlawful sexual activity under threat of injury against a person’s will or intoxication, unconsciousness, force, deception.

Why does rape always happen?
1. Sociosexuality- Physical gratification seemed to be the only goal and they often described themselves as feeling bored by “vanilla sex”, hence the need for using force.
2. Hostile sexism- Many perpetrators have extremely negative views about women and often make statements expressing their indignation concerning how they have been treated by women in the past.
3. Sexual scripts- when a woman says no, she really means yes.
4. Victim blaming- Approximately 29 percent of respondents blamed their victim for drinking too much, not saying “no” loud enough, or not physically resisting their advances.

Remove condoms or cheating can be seen as rape?
In the UK, sex without a condom would be a sexual offence. Cheating your partners that you are single, or you had gotten sterilization will turn sex into rape.

Which country has more rape cases?
India has been characterised as one of the “countries with the lowest per capita rates of rape”. Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India.

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