Those things about Hump Day

Hump day is always celebrated in Wednesday by people. It is before Thrusday, after Tuesday. It is exists as many people need a little extra motivation to get to the weekend, so “Hump Day
come out.

However, do you know what does “Hump Day” mean in sex?
1. If someone say “happy hump day” to you, in a certain degree, it means that he wanna fucks you excitedly and enjoy the sex pleasure with you.
2. A good hump day usually involves a lot of hot and dirty, naughty sex!

How to have safe sex in Hump Day?
1. Watch porn together!
This will be a great idea for most couples to have sex in Hump Day. You could try something you wanna, showing it to a partner is a great way to welcome discussion and even participation!
2. Shower together!
You could relax yourself by having a shower together on Wednesday! Not only does it save water, showering together can also solve any smell problems.
3. Have a sex trip.
You could choose other places to have sex, not only for room. Plan a spring break camping trip full of tent sex or get down and dirty on the floor or stairs.
4. Send sex message.
Make your special someone blush by sending erotic texts or snapchats. You could prepare some dirty but sexy and sweet words to say when having sex. This will help you to spend Wednesday
more happily!
5. Slow it down and make a foreplay.
Try touching, thrusting and licking at half-speed. Each movement will become more intense, and when things speed up it will feel even more explosive. You could add some lube to avoid friction and get your orgams easier.

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