6 sex ideas start to try on Christmas day

Next week, we will welcome the Christmas day, Christmas is the new year of most western countries, children are excepting to gifts from Santa, so adults are. For most couples, or long-distance lovers, how to celebrate Christmas and spend this special day with them? Don’t worry, I had gathered information to make creative Christmas sex ideas.

1. DIY a sexy Christmas card.
You could surf in the Internet to get a sexy Christmas card, DIY is so easy and simple, just put a sexy woman photo on the front, and write down some sexy words. Get ready to send it to your lover.

2. Make up a poem or song.
Don’t worry your melody and voice, you should focus on your writing, no matter what poems or songs, devote to express your special love. As you know, there are so many romantic Christmas songs, you just need to make up your song, a gift to him/her.

3. Light candles to create romantic environment.
Candles are essential, as it could provide the light and warmth, which is so romantic. Especially if you indulge in a cinnamon scented one, but the real fun comes with dripping the hot wax onto the skin.

4. Enjoy the porn together.
Sexy porn is a necessity between couples and lovers. Indulging in some festive porn is sure to do the job, and here’s just a few of our favourites that by any means will get you on the naughty list… When having sex with watching porn will be a good idea on Christmas day.

5. Hold a sex party.
Hold a sex party in the topic of “unleash your sexuality, let go of inhibitions, blossom in confidence and fulfil your sexual desires”. In this sex party, you could totally get out of your family, and be yourself, enjoy yourself.

6. Try sex toys.
Try sex toys not only fit for solo but couples. If you a single woman, maybe you could choose g-spot, rabbit vibrator, enjoy different stimulation. Lift your legs and cradle your body back and forth to have yourself a merry little Christmas – maybe even while your partner watches you. Of course, you could also try to learn some sexy positions.

These are parts of sexy ideas to try, if you have other minds, welcome to leave comments.
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