6 Anal Foreplay Tips You Can’t Live Without

It seems that foreplay always been ignored in sexual life between couples. Things directly don’t seem wonderful in most of time, sometimes you should have more foreplay. However anal foreplay could be a super pleasureable addition to your sex life, let you free and get out of depression in this unforgetable March.

There are some tips you could try:
1. Have proper communication.
The secret of sweet and orgasms of sex life is communication. You should try more communication with your partners, help you to know what works and what doesn’t. Then you could know more about each other in this way. Belive that you will gain more and have a pleasure sex life.
2. Be simple.
The difficult thing of starting anal play is learning how to keep simple. Before you improve the skill, you should start with simple one at first. Like fingers, tongue, start with them will be good for
your butt play.
3. Try different positions.
We had talked about many sex positions before, like doggle-style, and cowgirl position, rear entry, you could change any positions you wanna, just for deeper insertion. And get more exciting
4. Have it in the shower.
When you get the shower or bathtub, you certainly relax. Usually, shower sex is difficult for beginners, most people couldn’t finish it well. But, actually, shower sex will keep you in a peace state,
and you are naked, which is convient to have sex.
5. Try some toys.
There are so many toys used for anal play. Simply place the head against the anal opening but don’t insert, or glide the toy in a circle around the opening. External anal vibrations add completely new sensations.
6. Stimulate the clit.
When you stimulate her clit, she will get so excited, and quickly to get orgasms. Having clitoral stimuation is super important during anal play because it helps a vulva-owner to relax and become fully aroused—both critical steps in enjoying butt stuff.

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