5 ways to supercharge your sex life in 2020

If you ever met some problems in sex life, wanna change but failed. If you don’t wanna your sex life become daily routine like wake up, eating, shower. If you wanna make your sex funny, enjoyable, pleasure filled in life, you wanna share it with your partner. Then there are some tips to recharge your sex life in 2020.

1. Learn to touch
Touching means you get touched with his/her skin, the first touch always feels so great. But it seems to fail in a long-term relationship. So giving your partner a sensual massage every week — no orgasms allowed is necessary. Instead of going into full sexual contact, spend the time exploring each other’s bodies and taking it slowly, without the pressure of climaxing.

2. Get foreplay
Add some foreplay into your sex life will make yourself spice up. Kissing, petting, nibbling, squeezing, stroking, caressing, compassion, generosity and kindness —it’s all good. This will help you to maintain consistent and highly desirable affection, emotional intimacy and physical contact.

3. Be confident and love your body
You should learn to your body at first, be confident. There are some things you like and don’t like, things you wanna change. However, that is ok, do not lose your sense of self in anxieties or
hang-ups about your body.

4. Encourage and admire, comply
If you stay with your partner for a long-time, there are little love but friendship between you. Don’t Don’t take your partner for granted. Remember to celebrate their achievements, their strengths and unique qualities—even their cute butt. Learn to encourage, admire, comply them.

5. Be creative
Sex could more open and creative. Safe at first, you could make your sex life more creative. Explore and embrace your sexuality and sensuality. You could try some sex toys, BDSM bondage, educating books, blindfold or massage oil. Learn colorful tips, try different positions. Therefore, focus on exploring and embracing your current and future sexual and sensual self.

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