5 Sexy Songs Enjoy on Christmas Day

Do you think music will be a good medicine for sex? When you are having sex, do you like enjoy listening music or not? But in reality, music will help to create a good environment to have sex. You
might run into the problem of finding new boning tunes. If you choose some hot and sex songs, you will quick to get orgasms. Here are sexy songs to play, just sex, sex, sex now!

1. Senorita
I must recommend this sexy song, it’s flirty and can be a great guide (or at the very least inspiration) for taking turns to please one another. This is a Latin song in general, and played by super star couples-Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes. Rhythmic and sounding melody, I think you will be crazy about it!

2. Taki Taki
This is also a quick melody song, from Latin, spanish song, played by DJ Snake feat. Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B. You could enjoy it in sex party, this track oozes with sultry feels, rhythm and definitely NSFW lyrics. You can’t stop dancing with your partner, couldn’t hold yourself.

3. Make Me Feel
This song with funk, sexy, pop, but crazy melody, played by Janelle Monáe. It free your soul, free yourself fully, teach us to cast aside any inhibitions, embrace our sexiest self feel like the easiest thing in the world. That is just the way you make me feel.

4. S&M
This song is so hot and exciting! Played by sexy Rihanna. Love is great love is fine, sex in the air I don’t care, I love the smell of it… There filled with hot air, I think it’s fit for BDSM play in sex. If you like BDSM, I think maybe you could choose this song.

5. Keep running
This song is played by Tei Shi, Baby keep running, keep running for me, chasing the things that you see in your sleep, don’t hesitate, don’t make me wait. If you want my love, then you better start running. This song sounds so sadly but very touching! Fit for long-distance lover, when you having sex, you could try this in holidays.

Christmas day is coming, so if you wanna enjoy hot sex, let us explore this sex songs together!
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