5 Sex hot topics should be talked about in couples

As those lovers who just start relationship, they are usually so shy, and avoid talking any sex topics in their daily life. However, if you wanna get intimate with your partner, sex is the goal. Good communication play an important role in a good relationship, knowing each other’s desires, preferences, and sexual past is key in starting things off on the right foot. There are sex topics should be discussed between couples.

1. Your sexual history and future plan
Don’t worry about telling your sexual history, be honest, and let your partners know that your sexual state. As you know, STDs had transmitted in couples, it is important to get tested together, and start the relationship without fears of contracting a disease. Remember that your sexual health is your responsibility, what you don’t know might harm you. Besides, after make sure that you are in a healthy relationship, it’s time to make family planning is also an important part of any pre-sex discussion, talk to your partner about pregnancy. Nothing is important than unplanned pregnancy before you are ready to become parents. Make a plan to have a baby, 1 year or 2 years later? Just go ahead it!

2. Talk about your sexual secrets
In American, most women and men had suffered sex abuse, rape. It had created a big hurt in their physical and mental health, so it is important for partners to tell what has happened to them honestly. No matter bad or good, find help from a professional psychologist. Acknowledging the discomfort is always helpful in any serious conversation. Don’t sex with your partner when they are not love to do that. Keep them safe and help them go out of it.

3. Tell your sexual desires, preferences
Let your partner know what you like and dislike about sex, from oral sex to role-play to bondage, and different sex postures. Especially in long-term relationships, sex can begin to feel routine. From simple lotions to furry handcuffs, fun accessories help turn the heat up. Sex toys are also shoud be discussed, including its material, shape, design, function, etc. Make your sex more comfortable and pleasurable.

4. Exclusive
Make sure that you are exclusive, make sure that there is no threesome between you two. This is an important question to bring up during your sex discussion. Find out whether your partner could still be intimate with someone else as it reduces confusion and helps to avoid embarrassing situations in future. The one thing to keep in mind is that both of you should aim for a compromise that makes you happy and your sex life healthy and satisfactory.

5. Sex safety
Make sure your sex safety with using condoms when having sex in a new couple. If you want to hold off children for a while, it is important to take measures to avoid getting pregnant, you should take precautionary measures.

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