5 sex advice for women to reach orgasms

Are you the luckier one who has better sex compared to your first time? As you know, not everyone is a sex god right out the gate! There are some tips from different women
that will make you enjoy your sex life.

1. Watch porn
Porn is a good way to real-life sex, you could watch porn before or during sex intercourse, you could imitate their behaviours, find your own stride, try different
sex positions.

2. Try lube when you are dry
In general, lube is fit for most people, which makes everything better. It can’t come true
if you just depend on penetration, however, lube will makes you orgasm. When used with masturbators, masturbation cups, vibrators, it will be more effective.

3. Be relax, and stop worrying
Stop worrying about what you will look like before your partner, just relax and do yourself, it doesn’t matter at all about your body part, no matter what your nipples or
legs, let go of that negative thoughts against yourself, you should believe that you’ll be
in a better position.

4. Massage your nipples
During your sex process, do some massage behaviour like massage and squeeze your nipples, it will help you to reach orgasms quickly.

5. Focus on yourself
Rather than thinking what would he like, just focus on yourself, what lingerie to wear, what you will look like in bed, and what your feelings after sex.

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