5 Safe and Healthy Sexual Positions- Improve Your Sexual Life

Sexual health has been vital in our daliy life. Whatever longer sex time, or keep things lively and healthly, freshly. Scientific data show that proper sexual positions could play an important role in it.

So, how to keep a proper position and keep you and your partner comfortable and satisfied at the same time? How to pursue a healthy sexual state, how to strengthen the relationship by using proper sexual positions?

Follow me, there are many safe and healthy positions worth to try:

1. Cowgirl
This position describe as women sit down in men’s body, have men lay down and straddle them. Only in this position, you’re leaning forward to stimulate your clitoris, instead of your partner’s mouth.

2. The palm tree
This position describe as oral sex position, it means that women stand by wall or other places, men use their mouth on your clit. This position can help to stimulate your clit and G-spot. Secretly to say, it also can exercise women’s waist, make you look so slimmer.

3. Open Sesame
This position could describe as women lay down and open legs at the same time, men need hold their partner’s ankles in their hands and insert their glans into vagina. This position requires little body-to-body contact. Honestly, it could help you to exercise legs and wrist.

4. Pole Dancers
This position could describe as women sit cross-legged on the bed or other places, and men straddle you. Men lock women’s lips around their nipple, then lick, nibble, and bite (if they’re into that). It’s possible to orgasm from nipple stimulation, after all. Initimate and body touch.

5. Shivering Spoons
This position could describe as men lying on women’s sides, have your partner hold you, then enter you from behind. One thing- need to attention, this position require men to slow down, not quick movements.

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