5 Motives Why People Get Infidelity?

In a love relationship, mutual trust is the most important thing. Especially in a long-term relationship, no trust, no love, easyily getting cheated. However, people often tired of general life, always find fantastic things and try to explore something adventurous. There are more than 80% divorce rate over the world, especially in 90s. As you know, infidelity is a leading cause for marital divorce and pre-marital break-ups; it can trigger domestic violence; and it is a strong predictor of poor mental health, including depression and anxiety. Infidelity cause these.

Why people will get infidelity?
1. Feeling not committed.
Personally I think this will be most important reason, no matter men or women, had ever ackowledge that they lack love, lack commitment to a current romantic partner are both tied to general feelings of relationship dissatisfaction.
2. Sexual desire.
Sex is the second life of people. When you are young, you are active in sex life, but as the ages goes, things will be opposite. About one-third of participants (32 percent) reported that they were driven to have an affair because of their sexual desire. And men are easily to have an affair than women.
3. Feeling neglected.
Maybe for the busy work, maybe for the busy life, people always feel neglected, this always happened in women. Like feeling lack of love, more women will always feel neglected when their husband get cold to them. It also shows that 70 percent men have cheating behavior, so they have no time to care more about their wives.
4. For funny, get away of boring life.
When couples live together for 10, 20, 30 years, they will get boring with each other, meanwhile, will have a desire to find a funny lifestyle. Infidelity is not a response to a problem with an existing relationship; rather, it’s a reaction to boredom. Exciting, challenging, interesting factors always play an important role in the relationship.
5. To boost self-esteem and build confidence.
Men will probably to prove that they have a strong self-esteem, eapecially have an affair with a sexy, young woman, they wanna prove that they are still young, and still could conquver different women, most of them don’t wanna babies, just for their vanity.

These five motives reveal great variety in the reasons as to why people cheat. These don’t represent all, but now there still have many same cases happened in the world. Keep positive towards it, keep your words, everything gonna past.

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