5 Advantages Of Being Vegans

Vegans seems to have higher sex drives, going vegan can boost your sex drive and keep your body nourished during hours and hours of sex. As you know, vegans usually eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, keep a healthy diet, so do you know how does it affect our sex life?

1. Makes you happier
A study shows that ditching meat and dairy can greatly improve our mood, effectively increase serotonin levels — the happy chemical, lead to higher sex desires. Study also shows that eating meat could easily to result in unhappiness than vegetables.

2. Last longer
Another study shows that women like eating fruits like strawberries, apples, bananas, may reduce their risk of developing erectile dysfunction by over 20%. It leads to longer
insertion during sex.

3. Increase blood flow
A vegan diet can help with weight less in men, lead to an increase in penis length, therefore, women are easily to get multiple orgasms. However if often eating meat,
it will not only affect blood flow, but increase the risk of testicular tumors.

4. Have smooth skin
If you keep eating vegetables, and being vegans for a long-time, you will find that it can help you achieve smooth, silky skin, because it contains a higher content of vitamin C.

5. Boost energy
As you all know, vegans have some nutrition that could provide more sustainable energy that will not lead to the “sugar crash”. Banana, watermelon, helps in sex-hormone production and boosts energy. Besides, like nuts and chocolate also have the same function.


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