4 Tips About National Orgasm Day

Everyone told me today is National Orgasm Day, but actually I must acknowledge that I am not a real women, I didn’t know this day existed, so don’t feel badly if you’ve never heard of it before. In reality, how much important the day it is! Have you ever memorize this special day? And how do you spend your national orgasm day? Not like Valentine’s Day, National sex day, in this day, you’d be encouraged to share an orgasm with your partner rather than exchange flowers or chocolate. Most people have fun with their celebrations on National Orgasm Day!

What is National Orgasm Day?
The National Orgasm Day is a holiday that celebrates sexual climax, typically celebrated on July 31. It is also celebrated in other places such as the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and Canada on May 18. Before this day, you should learn more about orgasms, female orgams is difficult to get than male. However, for most women, the clitoris and nipples may also need to be stimulated in order for orgasm to be achieved during intercourse. About nipples orgasm, please refer to this Nipple Orgasm-3 Ways To Achieve.

Tips about getting orgasms in National Orgasm Day.
1. Use perfect sexual communication.
The key to spend on national orgasm day is to learn to communicate both verbally and non-verbally during sex, as well as to talk about sex when not having it. Communication is the foundation of a good relationship, and good communication can make your bed rock! It is worthy to learning communication!

2. Practice sex.
Orgasms are an experience of the body and mind, so you ned often to practice sex. Since the vast majority (about 95 percent) of women do not orgasm from intercourse alone, and instead require clitoral stimulation, it is critical that we should add clitoral vibrator during the practicing sex process.

3. Don’t think too much when having sex.
Many women often distracted bt thoughts during sex, like if they look attractive, or if they smell good, or if they are taking too long to orgasm, orgasm requires a complete and total focus on the sensations of the moment. Turn off your thinking brain, pay more attention to your partnered sex life.

4. Keep positive opinion.
Good sex begins in your mind. Specifically, it’s important to become aware of any conscious and unconscious sex-negative thoughts you may have and replace these thoughts with contrary sex-positive thoughts.

Orgasms have many benefits. Release the pleasure hormone oxytocin from the brain. Relieve stress and tension, and help with relaxation. Learning more about your body and what brings you pleasure and finding ways to incorporate this into sex with a partner. Wish you have good orgasms day! Let’s celebrate it today together!

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