4 healthy benefits of hydration

Staying hydrated means drinking more water in a day, maybe 8-10 cups of water. Hydration has been seen as a healthy tip for people, it is not only benefit for digestive health, but also for organs, body functions. Especially for women. There are an old saying, women are made of water. Water plays an important role in our bodies, it could affect everything in our daily life. Besides, what other benefits do you know?

1. Benefit for your kidneys
As we all know, Kidneys has function of formation of urine, acid-base balance, blood pressure regulation. Drinking water helps to remove waste from your bloodstream and take out the trash. Hydration is a great stone-buster and also helps your kidneys to stay in excellent shape.

2. Prevent UTIs
UTIs means urinary tract infections, which are the result of urine that has pooled in the bladder long enough to allow bacteria to grow, not drinking enough can cause that over-concentration of urine in the bladder which can irritate the bladder — causing spasms or UTIs and making overactive symptoms worse.

3. Improve sex life
You maybe don’t believe that, drinking more water will benefit for your reproductive organs, being properly hydrated is essential in keeping the vagina lubricated during sex.
Better blood flow and more lubrication result in more arousal and better sex. Meanwhile, it also has benefits for your boobs, promote the blood circle of your nipples. Increase your sex desires, let you enjoy your sex life.

4. Improve mental health
It has been shown that being properly hydrated helps with increased energy, memory improvement, elevated mood, dehydration actually changes the shape of the brain.

Get hydration propely can help you flourish internally and externally. Never overdo it,
otherwise it will cause you discomfort.

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