30 Sweet sex words to express love in 2019

September is coming, it means full is coming, and 2019 will be finished. There are 3 months left, 2020 will comes. What do you want to do in these left days of 2019 for your best lovers? Propose? Married? Travel together? Give a gift? Or saying sweet words everyday? Yes, today, I will teach you how to make your partner happy by saying romantic and sweet love words to him/her per day even though long-distance relationship.

cheesy pick-up lines
1. Do I know you? Because you look exactly like my next girlfriend.
2. Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everything else disappears.
3. This is the back of my hand, this is the back of my foot, and you are at the back of my heart-my baby.
4.Do you have a lighter? If not, how did you set my heart on fire?
5. Do you know what my blood type is?
-I am the ideal type that you want.
6. Are you tired?
You’ve been running in my heart for a whole day.
7. I think you look like a relative of mine.
You look like my father’s son-in-law.
8. You are so fat.
You’ve occupied all the space in my heart.
9. Why it is so hot today?
-What happened to you?
-Because you make me so hot.
10. Wow, your eyes looks so beautiful.
-Yes, but worse than me. Because you are all in my eyes.

Sweet and romantic words
1. I am blissful as you are my side when I open my eyes every morning.
2. I love you more than everthing.
3. You are my sunshine, you are my today and tomorrow, you are my all.
4. Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be here waiting for you.
5. The rest of my life is you.
6. You are exactly what I need in my life and I cherish every moment I spend with you.
7. No matter how poor or wealthy, I still don’t give up on you.
8. You are my power, not money.
9. You are artwork I could admire forever.
10. Being with you, talking with you and laughing with you, it is enough for me.

Sex words
1. You look like rabbit vibrators, touch my g-spot and get orgasms quickly.
2. I am really in the mood to try some PINEAPPLE tonight….
3. If you could do anything you want with me, what would you do?
4. You taste so good in my mouth.
5. Do you wanna me to help you take a shower?
6. I’m so cold RN. Should I put on some clothes?
7. Can you come over and help me cure my boredom?
8. I’ve never had sex in a car/the kitchen/etc before. Maybe we can rectify that!
9. I live alone, do you wanna move to live with me?
10. You look so sexy, I can’t stop thinking about you.

Sweet words in some degrees could build a stronger relationship, I suggest to saying face to face, rather than texting by phone. Voice could convey love. Sex words could spice up your relationship.

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