3 ways to change it-boredom in sex with the same partner?

It is no denying that the fact is you will feel so boring when you are in a longer relationship with the same partner. Sometimes you will wanna change it and wish a funny and fresh experience. It is a great threat and terrible sign, so how to change it, there are some suggestions to bring you the spark back.

1. Speak your thoughts, talk about what you want directly
A lot of people do not realise the importance of sharing your desires with your partner. Whether you want to do it the car or in the shower, or other places, communicate and figure out a way to do it. You will be surprised how trying out different things can get your heart racing.

2. Plan sex
Sex will be hottest if planned. We are all so busy these days that getting hot and heavy might not be your top priority. When fix a time to have sex, you will get an element of thrill in your life automatically. Planning can also help you include things you have always wanted to do.

3. Sex words
Do not underestimate the power of sexy words, a daily sensual word can create an element of surprise and anticipation. When having sex, you could say “I love you”, I believe your partner will feel so warm and fuck you try his best. 30 Sweet sex words to express love in 2019 from Bestvibe worth to read.

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