2020 Sex Trend in Bestvibe

Christmas is coming, which means 2019 will end and 2020 is coming to our world. Sex also has its trend, sex is not sex anymore, sex evolve relationship styles and peoples’ perspectives towards various sexual acts shifting. As you know, sex toys are becoming so popular in our life. Sex products are gaining traction as an essential part of wellness. Relationship are more open,
not only for men and women, but lesbian and others.

BDSM will be hot trend
BDSM groups are so popular in the last few years, but in 2020, will be the mainstream. BDSM isn’t exactly new, but with the headway kinks and subcultures are making into the mainstream.
If you wanna know more about BDSM, you could read this BDSM bondgage kit and ball gags, How to keep yourself safe in BDSM relationship?

Sex is more open and free
Yes, most people will wanna sex for freedom, and will be more open. You don’t need to pursue orgasms or romance, maybe just for one night. You could try any sex positions, and any sex play.
Believe that you can do whatever in 2020.

Easy to get STIs
It is no deny that people who have sex with different people will easy to get STIs, We are taught that STIs are gross and should be avoided, however, according to The American Health Association, “one in two sexually active persons will contract an STI by age 25.”

Sex toys are colorful
There are full of colorful sex toys in 2020, satisy people’s different needs. Most toys adopt silicone material, 100% waterproof, and multiple speeds, erogonimic design. If you are beginners, you will find one fit for you, if you are procifient, you will also find the better one. Sex toys will have different design, and will be colorful in 2020.

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