2020 Popular Sex FAQs in Americans

There are some surveys show that life is related with sexuality, gender, reproduction, and other topics. This is not a repository for all answers and statistics related to human sexuality, gender, or reproduction. It seems that the one who know more about sex will get a more blissful sex life.

All sex behaviour is useless without orgasms. It shows that women will easier to get orgasms when oral sex or vaginal intercourse. Men will get orgasms when vaginal intercourse. With the age is
growing, the ability of orgams will get declined.

Sexual activity
In the United States, more and more teens will have sexual behaviour in their 17 years old. Most of them get pregnancy, abortion, and STIs. Teens group have terrible health state! Besides, 28% of Americans over age 45 report they had sexual intercourse once a week or more in the last six months, and 40% report having intercourse at least once a month.

Americans have terrible health as they have earlier sexual behaviour. There are more than one million people are living with HIV in the United States, with one in five unaware of their infection. American men have 4-6 inches penis in average.

Comdoms had been used in the first sex for most Americans. 56% of american women and 66% of men report using a condom use for first sex. It had been used in teens in a large scale.

Masturbation is the easiest way to get orgasms. If there are no vaginal behaviour, women also could get orgasms by masturbating. Approximately one-third of women in all relationships in the 60- to 69-year cohort reported recent masturbation. Masturbation is so popular in women, as it is comfortable than sexual behaviour in a certain degree.

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