20 things about sex should teach to your children

Had you imagined that after marriage, what will you do in1-3 years? Work? Family? Most women will choose pay more attention on her family, they wish that could have a baby within 1 year, and then have a second baby in 2 years. Most women will give up their work to be housewives. They would love to focus on children’s education. Personally I think, rather than daughters, I wish I could have a son, boys are charming and cute than girls in some degrees, daughters will be other guys’ wives. So to be a qualified momther, too many things need to be taught for your children, sex is no doubt, don’t avoid this topic, these things you should teach them.

1. Keep yourself safe at first in any states.
2. Don’t show your sensitive areas to strangers and opposite sex.
3. If someone touch your body and wanna kiss you, find help from your parents or police.
4. For girls, don’t dress little when going to the nightclub.
5. If you wanna sex with someone, you must be over 18 years old.
6. You will be enjoy sex very well after getting a good sex education.
7. Remember to wear condoms at your first time of having sex.
8. Don’t believe in any boys sweet words.
9. Learn more about sex by reading books, watching videos.
10. Don’t mistake sex for love.
11. Get more foreplay and masturbating before sex.
12. You’d better to wait for marriage.
13. You don’t have to tell past sexual life to your partner honestly.
14. Don’t hurt your vagina, use lube.
15. Don’t abuse sex, avoid getting infections like STIs.
16. Do not allow others to persecute you for your sexual choices.
17. Sex is not always good for health, during your period.
18. Sex is a two-way street. Do not continue to have sex with someone who is uninterested in satisfying you.
19. Know your anatomy.
20. Be confident in your body, cherish what you own.

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How to talk sex to your children correctly?
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